OIL & GAS INSTRUMENTATION - Industrial Grade Reliable Optical Switches

Geothermal Well Remote Sensing and Monitoring

Optical switching is a key technology for automating and lowering the cost of oil and gas deep-well monitoring. Large fields often have multiple wells that need to be monitored and each well may have multiple monitoring fibers that are shared among different stakeholders. Optical switching saves cost by allowing many wells to share a common pool of expensive monitoring equipment. They can also be used to remotely monitor unmanned well sites and automate well measurements.

For monitoring oil and gas wells the critical switch parameters are low optical loss, high measurement stability and instrument grade repeatability. Low optical loss is critical since most measurements are reflective and signals must pass through the switch twice. Instrument grade connection repeatability, stability and minimal reflections are also crucial for preserving measurement accuracy.

Real-time continuous monitoring of the well pressure, temperature and other parameters helps operators get a much clearer picture of conditions under the ground. This allows for rapid detection to quickly diagnose and correct potential issues before more serious problems occur.

As oil prices rise, energy companies are turning more and more to fiber-optic sensors and optical switching to maximize resource extraction and minimize hazards. Polatis is an ideal choice for well monitoring since it has the lowest loss and highest performance available on the market today.