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    SERIES 6000 lite

SERIES 6000 lite - Compact Single Mode Low Loss All Optical Switch 48x48 Ports

The Polatis Series 6000 Lite optical switch is a high performance, fully non-blocking all-optical 48x48 matrix switch that fits into a compact 1RU rack mounted chassis. It is designed to meet the highest performance and reliability needs of the most demanding applications with exceptionally low optical loss, compact size, low power requirements and fast switching speeds. With support of Software-Defined Networks (SDNs) via an embedded OpenFlow control interface, the Series 6000 Lite enables extremely low latency for time-critical traffic required for new virtual cloud services in hybrid packet-optical data centers. The Series 6000 Lite is based on Polatis' patented DirectLight® optical switching technology that has been proven in the most challenging data center, telecom and defense applications and is also used in video distribution and by major network equipment manufacturers to automate testing of optical components and subsystems.
  • Compact 1U size, energy efficient, non-blocking 48x48 matrix swtich
  • Carier-class reliability and interfaces from the worldwide leader in optical switches
  • SDN enabled via an embedded OpenFlow control interface allows reconfiguration of the network on demand
  • Polatis' patented DirectLight® Beam-Steering technology sets the industry standard
  • Optional fully integrated power monitors, variable optical attenuation and optical taps
  • Advanced dynamic web GUI and network management tools reduce costs and improve management
  • Lowest loss and highest performing switches help you solve your toughest optical networking challenges