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Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco Broadcast Powered by Polatis

Cambridge, UK - September 22, 2009 - Polatis, the performance leader in all-optical switching technology, provided the fiber optic routing for broadcast of this year's Grand Prix de Monaco. The Polatis Series 1000 all-optical switch was deployed by Le Team, a leading fiber service provider in France, which is responsible for the race's fiber-optic transport connectivity.

"Polatis was uniquely able to fill our complex and challenging requirements with a single piece of network equipment," explained Marc Belleville, President of Le Team. "Its technology enabled us to cost-effectively transmit high-definition video from multiple difficult camera sites to multiple critical viewing sites with no risk of quality or failure. The installation and operation were simple and reliable which, given the intensity of the assignment, was welcome."

The Polatis 1000 provided redundant connections between two outdoor broadcasting vans and two separate locations, the FIA (Federation Internationale de l'Automobile) judging headquarters and television broadcasting center. The sources for the video came from 24 trackside cameras, 3 mobile cameras, in-car cameras, and security cameras.

The Polatis 1000 seamlessly transmitted multiple diverse protocols on a single system, including HD-SDI, SDI, multiplexed analog signals and Ethernet. "Video sources were diverse at this event, so a protocol agnostic device was essential," Marc Belleville added.

In broadcast applications, preservation of signal quality is paramount; the instrumentation grade optical performance of the Polatis switch ensures that signal integrity is maintained. With no OEO conversion required and no optical signal feedback required to maintain connections, the Polatis all-optical switch was ideal for the deployment and provided considerable cost savings.

"The Grand Prix de Monaco demonstrates that Polatis stands out in deployments where the network must operate flawlessly despite challenging conditions," said Gerald Wesel, CEO of Polatis. "It's a pleasure to support such an iconic event and we look forward to supporting future races."


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