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Polatis launches switch module for reconfigurable networks

FEBRUARY 25, 2008 –- Polatis Inc. today announced its new high-speed network optical switch module (N-OSM), an all-optical matrix switch capable of fast switching and protection in the optical layer. The product will be demonstrated this week at OFC 2008 in San Diego, CA.

The switch module is a high-performance, fully non-blocking optical switch designed for OEM integration into optical transport and switching systems. It was designed specifically for network operators and carrier equipment manufacturers who require small size, speed, and optical performance in their switches. The N-OSM can be used in access, metro, storage, undersea, and core networks.

The module features a dedicated RS-232 serial interface for minimal communications latency and is capable of completing an entire matrix switchover in less than 10 msec. It has low electrical power consumption and contains all necessary drive and control electronics integrated into the module. Module size of 16x16 supports integration onto a 6U card form factor; both standard and extended (hermetic) packaging are available.

The switches are bidirectional, fully non-blocking, protocol- and bit-rate-independent, and can handle high optical powers while also being capable of dark fiber switching. The N-OSM works well for hybrid OEO/OOO grooming switches, GMPLS and mesh networking, IP over optical, DWDM reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexing (ROADM), and equipment or path-protection switching.

The N-OSM will also form the core of all Polatis network optical switch tray products. The switching fabric can be paired with integrated optical power monitors for automated fail-over to preprovisioned protection paths. Both optical switch modules and optical switch trays have a dedicated ultralow-latency communications channel for externally triggered protection switching.

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